What is luxury vinyl flooring?

What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl comes with extreme functionality and stylish designs. It works for you in every room in your house. You can see luxury vinyl (LVF) in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and living rooms. But make sure that you are choosing true LVF because not all vinyl is the same.

Imaging is everything

LVF is inspired by nature. It has a wide range of wood, stone, and tile photographs taken with 3D photography. So the knots, whorls, grains, and veining variations are all visible, along with the vibrant colors and patterns. The floor can be micro-beveled and embossed to give it depth and dimension to its texture. It can also be textured to be distressed, wire-brushed, or hand-scraped.

Thickness matters

LVF is always 8 millimeters thick, but it can be thicker. This is if you mainly want a more authentic-looking floor and the feeling of a solid hard surface. Thicker floors mean that it is quieter to the footsteps, and it is less likely to show any subfloor imperfections. Also, the designs on the thicker floor can be more intricate because there is more surface to carve on.


LVF comes in two types: planks and tiles. The planks are flexible and mold well to the subfloor and come in varying lengths and widths. They are used for wood-look vinyl. The tile can be used for wood-look and tile-look vinyl. These come in squares that are firmer and sturdier than the planks. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also known as LVP, and luxury vinyl tile is known as LVT.


LVP and LVT both come waterproof. That is because the core is made of a plastic composite wood or stone layer. As a result, it is entirely resistant to water and will not warp, ripple, or curl when exposed to water, no matter the length of exposure.

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